Building Stronger Neighborhoods

Expanding Affordable Homeownership

In North Carolina, we have built or rehabilitated more than 200 affordable homes for low-income families. We've also built a 32-unit senior-living facility and revived a suburban subdivision that was hit hard by the foreclosure crisis. Currently we are rehabilitating a former textile mill, turning it into a major mixed-use development that will include 142 apartments.

Revitalizing Walltown

In 1994, Self-Help began a process of deep community engagement and major revitalization in Walltown, a Durham, North Carolina neighborhood that was struggling with economic and physical decline. During a decade of work, we built or rehabilitated 77 affordable homes for low-income families. A host of partners and volunteers also participated to improve many different aspects of the Walltown community.

The transformation has been remarkable. Crime has fallen, homeownership rates have increased, and property values have risen. An array of partners continue long-term investment in the community that will continue to pay off.

For more information, read Self-Help’s comprehensive report on our work to redevelop the Walltown neighborhood in Durham, NC.
Children playing in Durham’s Walltown neighborhood. Working in partnership with Duke University, Self-Help invested in Walltown to create safe, affordable housing for first-time home buyers.